You don’t need to muddle through. You don’t need to play ‘guess why the baby is crying’. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed.

I can come to your home, provide the practical support you need, and equip you with the skills, routines and knowledge needed for the future.

Let me tell you a story about the journey I have seen hundreds of parents go through...........

Sleeping Baby SmileYou start out dreaming about your new baby and how blissful it will be.

You could not be more excited about your new bump and how your little bundle of joy will make your life perfect.

You finally understand all the other pregnant women who talk all day long about their baby.

In the first few hours after the birth, you’re high on oxytocin and filled with visions about your new life as a mum.

And then you come home.

You hit unforeseen challenges. Maybe the baby doesn’t want to sleep. Maybe the baby doesn’t want to feed. Maybe the baby doesn’t want to sleep or feed (sorry, but this does happen). Things just go differently than you had planned.

Your happy ever after changes into sleepless nights, a messy house, and an endless blur of feed, change, rock, repeat.

You start to doubt yourself; you lose confidence. You start questioning your gut feeling.

I can’t do this. It wasn’t meant to be like this.

I will tell you the truth: every single mum I worked with goes through the same experiences and emotions as I’ve just described.

If you feel this way, you are in a good place. I’ve been there with many parents, just like you, and I helped them overcome these hurdles, get back their confidence and support them so they can enjoy their new arrival and a new life as a family.

I don’t just provide an extra pair of (exceptionally safe and experienced) hands for a few days or weeks. I work with parents to ease them into their new role. With my help parents learn to understand their baby’s communication cues and establish healthy sleeping and feeding routines that work for the whole family.

I appreciate that the needs of every family are unique, so while there are packages outlined below, I am happy to create a tailor­made solution to meet your individual requirements.

* Support provided Monday - Friday, 8am - 8pm