See what my lovely clients have to say about working with me

Anna arrived the day we came home from hospital, and from the beginning provided invaluable support and advice on feeding, routines and how to juggle life with a newborn and toddler.(…)I would not hesitate to recommend Anna for any maternity nursing role, and would without doubt ask her to help again if we had another child! She was a delight to have as part of our family for two weeks, and we thoroughly enjoyed having her live with us during such a special time for our family.


Mum of Thomas

“Anna’s approach is holistic, (…) and she helped us to form and adapt our routines according to the baby and family’s needs.(…) In addition, she helped me through some difficult breast feeding challenges in the beginning weeks.(…) Overall, Anna is extremely warm, caring, professional and knowledgeable.”​


Mum of Cameron

She was also very supportive to us as first time parents and would answer all our questions however silly they sounded to ourselves. She definitely helped me feel more confident.(…) We felt completely at ease leaving our daughter with her for the night from time to time so that we can catch up on some much needed sleep.


Mum of Mathilde

Anna has a lot of experience, an excellent manner, is very good natured and is unflappable.

Mrs M

I immediately felt relaxed in Anna’s company. She is a lovely, caring lady and was fabulous not only with our newborn twins but also with our little toddler who was adapting to a big change in her family life! (…) She offered me useful advice as she obviously has a lot of experience with newborns. I was able to sleep soundly knowing that my babies were being cared for beautifully.


Mum of Lucy & Danny

She is very professional, very reliable and resourceful. She has been giving me precious advice for the last couple of months and I would call her again and again if I need her.


She has been with us for seven weeks and is leaving behind a calm, settled and content baby who is sleeping through the night.(…) She clearly loves working with babies and this has made the whole experience very enjoyable for us.


Mum of Honor

Our daughter made very good progress under Anna’s care including sleeping longer and dropping feeds and Anna’s advise and experience was invaluable. My wife and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others save for the fact that we don’t want her to get too booked up in the future!


Anna was truly my very own Mary Poppins and kept me sane after giving birth to extremely premature triplets. With one baby on oxygen, two suffering reflux and all very small the babies were a challenge but Anna was always extremely calm and helped with nights, routines, reflux management, feeding and picked up on issues such as tongue tie.

Whilst always happy to give advice she was never overbearing and instilled me with confidence as a mother. I can definitely recommend Anna!


Mum of Jack, Charlie & Evie

I felt at complete ease that she was quietly behind the scenes helping our son get into a routine without me ever feeling that too much structure was being placed around me and my family’s day to day routine. She brings with her a great deal of experience and a lovely nature and it is clear that she carries out her job with love, considerable care and dedication.

Mrs W

Anna’s support and advice has been invaluable. Our 6 month old son would wake constantly at night wanting to feed – resulting in everyone feeling very tired and miserable. Anna helped us adjust both our day and night time routine and gave us the confidence to persist with it. She was more than happy to answer any questions we had via email and continues to be supportive. Our son is now sleeping through the night and we are all feeling much happier! I would definitely call her again if I need her.


Mum of Jem

Our baby was waking every 1-2 hours, we were exhausted! But Anna recognised immediately what the problem was and gave us ways to improve the situation. We loved her gentle approach and relieved we didn’t need to use controlled crying method. Anna is an very experienced and truly amazing person!!


Mum of Lucia

As a working professional I found the unpredictability of motherhood difficult. Anna was vital is helping me establish a routine. Equally important, she helped lay the foundations for being able to put my son down to sleep while still awake. 

Thanks to her, by week 10 the days of rocking my son to sleep had gone and ever since within 5-15min of being put down to sleep he will have fallen asleep on his own. In addition, she is very knowledgeable and was able to answer the various questions I had. A calming presence and lovely demeanour. 

I would certainly have no reservations recommending her and have done so to a number of friends.


Mum of Sebastian

Anna is a professional you can trust. She knows all the tricks and I found great confidence in learning from her.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anna to anyone looking for a maternity nurse and will definitely make sure I get Anna onboard for the next one!

She made life much easier and allowed my husband and I to enjoy the experience and set our new family off with a good start.


Mum of Henry

Anna and I met when she helped me with my first baby, who was premature and very colicky, for the first few months of her life. She was an amazing support and fountain of knowledge that I relied on heavily during this tough time. (…)

Four years later, when I was ready to have my second daughter, I immediately knew that I would like nothing better than to have Anna by my side when I brought my baby home to join our small family. (…) I had a challenging older child who was very dependent on me and required a lot of my time and attention, as well as a new baby with reflux, tongue tie and struggled to fall asleep – I needed another trusted and reassuring pair of hands! (…)

Anna has an instinct for how to best meet the needs of a new mother and blend into a home and family that is undergoing a huge change. She is emotionally very intelligent and has an intuition about how to best support a mum that is truly wonderful. I would wholeheartedly recommend Anna to anyone I know, she is a true professional and yet works from her heart. The best possible combination for a Doula!


Mum of Lila & Ava