Newborn baby sending you into a spin?

I can help you feel calm, controlled and connected in your new parental role.

Want to learn more about me? I’m Anna, a highly qualified and experienced Maternity Nurse, Postnatal Doula and Baby Sleep Consultant.

I work with new parents in St Albans, North London, Central London and surrounding areas.

With my support, parents can enjoy the arrival of their new baby while developing the skills they will need to thrive, even after I’ve moved on to my next family.

The precious early years of life that should be treasured are sometimes tainted with feelings of stress and overwhelment. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

The additional support I provide enables parents to take a step back and adjust to the dynamic of their new family. My first child care role was almost 20 years ago when I worked as a nanny over the Summer.

Since then I have worked with hundreds of families, each one offering a unique set of circumstances and challenges, each one leaving me with joyful precious memories.

One of my very first charges had her first baby recently and contacted me to tell me how she wished I could be there to guide and support her through the birth, and in the first few weeks afterwards ­ I’d clearly left a lasting impression.

About Me - I’m Anna!

You can find out more about how I can ease your path into parenthood over on my services page.

But before you go, here’s some detail on the training and qualifications I have undertaken, and a professional sounding summary, in which I talk about myself in the third person:

Anna Wilk is a highly­ qualified, widely ­experienced Maternity Nurse and Postnatal Doula, and the proud author of Made With Love: Your Baby.

She is a member of the Association Of Baby & Birth Professionals, and of Doula UK. Anna provides Sleep Consultant, Postnatal Doula, and Maternity Nursing services. She is also available for interviewers seeking professional comment on baby and birth related matters.

OCN Maternity Practitioner Award by MNT Training
Aspiring Doula Foundation Course by BirthBliss, Kicki Hansard
Breastfeeding” with Dr Jack Newman by The ABBP, London
Sleep Workshop by Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic
Sleep Training Course by MNT Training
Post Natal Depression Programme by MNT Training
Care of Multiples by MNT Training

I'm a member!